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​4/29/19 Sunnye S. Valley Glen, Los Angeles, CA

Kudos for Dr. Merav! She's treating my dog with acupuncture and herbs, and it's working! After four sessions with Dr. Merav, Angel's breaths while sleeping come easier, her wheezing has diminished, her enthusiasm is up, as well as her energy level up. Let me tell you about Dr. Merav, she connects with the dog, touching and talking with the dog, and getting on her knees so that the dog connects with her. So impressed was I with Angel's results, that I started seeing Dr. Yael for my ankle! How about that? My dog referred me to this talented and skilled acupuncturist. You're the best Dr. Yael!

2/2/2019 Jennifer A. Burbank, CA
I was going to another veterinarian for accupuncture and felt really cheated by the price. The other place originally quoted me $50-fine, we booked the appointment. At check out, they then added on a doctors visit ("we have to have the doctor insert the needles"), needle disposal, etc etc and it came to $190. Three weeks into her treatment and they raised prices to $205.
Anyway, this is what caused me to start looking around. I am beyond thrilled that we found this place and doctor! She very genuinely loves animals and it is clear from the second you meet her. 
She is honest, pricing is beyond fair, loves my dog and even called me the next day to see how Lola was after her treatment. I can't begin to tell you how opposite this is of the place that we started acupuncture with.  She is no nonsense, cares so much and really listened to us. We are very excited to continue or treatment with her and see how my puppy benefits from the treatment! I'll update in a few weeks

1/8/2019 Dan R. Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Merav is amazing! She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and has helped my almost 16 yr old, 100 lb dog regain and maintain his mobility the past 8 months. She has also helped a tiny 3 lb Chihuahua with a broken spine that I foster and she has shown vast improvement also. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Merav. She is a fantastic healer, a wonderful human being, and a credit to the medical field.

10/28/2018 Alonna H. Fullerton, CA
Dr. Merav is the best!  I went back to her after 14 years because I remembered how she helped me before.  After one visit, my pain and anxiety feels better, and even though it's going to take awhile for me to transition from all my Western medicine for pain the herbal medicine, I have confidence in Dr. Merav's treatment plan and that it's possible.  She is amazing and affordable plus she takes insurance if you have it.

7/1/2018 Breanna K. Los Angeles, CA
It's only been a week and I already feel relief and see a difference in my eczema. It has also helped with my stress immensely. Looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you so much!

6/28/2018 Bobby S. Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Merav has been great helping both my girlfriend and I with our infirm dogs. Never thought acupuncture could work so well! I'm next!!!

8/4/2017 Landon C. Los Angeles, CA
I couldn't be more happy that I found DR Yale Merav on yelp. The day I walked in her office I couldn't bend over or even sit in the car with out lower back pain.  45 mins with her and I walked out 60% better. I went and saw her again 2 days later. I walking out 100% better. I was amazed how quickly she was able to fix me and get back on the baseball field.  She also is giving both my dogs treatment and they love it. very fair pricing and a great over all experience.

5/11/2017 Rene F. Toluca Ter, CA
Dr. Merav has a wonderful disposition. Helpful and affordable for pet acupuncture. My cat has improved his walking after the 1st visit an we will back next week. Great healing vibe too! He was so calm and plopped down for a nice nap after. I was really happy with the visit and highly recommend this place!

12/16/16 Frances D. Simi Valley, CA
After suffering from chronic hip/back pain for some time, we decided to try acupuncture with Dr. Merav. I have seen her twice and soon will be receiving my 3rd treatment. Every time I go, I have felt better and more ease in walking and moving around. I am really satisfied that I met Dr. Merav and will continue with the hope that maybe my pain can be lessened even more or completely be gone. She is a caring professional who understands.

11/30/16 Wendy R.
I found Dr. Merav after dealing with a rheumatologist for several years for worsening arthritis. I kept getting more prescriptions for medicines that seemed to do nothing but create negative side effects, so I decided to try a completely new approach. After just a couple of months with Dr. Merav, I am starting to change all the foods that could be causing the inflammation in my body, carefully adding in herbal supplements to further invigorate this process, and getting acupuncture treatments to help with some of the aches and pains I seem to have been carrying around for several years. At almost 63 years old, I don't feel like I impress easily anymore (!), but I am honestly feeling younger, more active and healthier than I have in a very long time. Dr, Merav is patient, kind, funny, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable. Really, what more can I say? She is a treasure, and I feel very lucky to have found her.

11/6/16 Naz A. Rockville, MD
Dr. Yael Merav has been treating my dog with paralysis & I am very impressed with the progress that Lexi has had so far! We are committed 100% to the full course of treatment as I believe that Lexi will be able to walk again under Dr. Merav's care! Every experience at her office has been wonderfully pleasant for both me & lexi & the amount of knowledge I have gained has been tremendously helpful not only with my dog's condition, but also on a day to day basis! We are very grateful to Dr. Merav!

9/30/2016 Wendy R. Studio City, CA
I've been pummeled these past 4 years, when arthritis suddenly roared into my body. Western medicine put me on SO many prescriptions. I just don't feel they are helping alleviate, or simply slow down, the effects of arthritis on my body. Plus, these prescriptions are starting to have negative impacts on me. I knew there had to be a better way. I recently found Dr. Merav (based on these reviews, so thank you Yelpers!). She is so lovely, knowledgeable, intuitive, and easy to talk to. Acupuncture and herbs just feel like a wiser choice for me, and I already trust Dr. Merav to be my leader on this path to better health.

9/28/2016 Linda W. Los Angeles, CA
Wow!  I hurt my knee. I could barely walk. My doctor took x-rays and wanted to give me cortisone shots, which I believe only work for awhile and then you have to get s knee replacement. I decided to try acupuncture. With two treatments and some herbs I am 95% recovered. It's great. I am so happy. Watch me dance!

8/21/16 Karen P.
Dr. Merav has helped me with a variety of issues over the last 5+ years. From managing major anxiety attacks to everyday stress. She has also helped me with chronic sinus issues and gastrointestinal problems. Her knowledge and use of natural herbs and acupuncture work wonders.

6/19/16 Sharon S. Los Angeles, CA
I have had chronic lower back pain since December. 
I've been to a neurosurgeon and have had 2 epidural shots which made it even worse. By chance i found Dr. Merav and she  is the BEST and I'm so happy to have met her. I was able to see her on a Sunday. The hours are amazing, she is very professional/ caring, and her office immaculate and relaxing. During my FIRST session I found relief and that night I actually slept without interruption and same experience the following session.  I can't thank her enough and I highly recommend her.

4/30/2016 Andrew N. Los Angeles, CA
She is a wonderful healer; my first experience with acupuncture, and it works !!!

4/20/16 Yaniv F. Los Angeles, CA
My family and I have been going to Dr. Merav for almost 15 years. She has helped me with health issues on multiple times and I can not stress how much I trust her and appreciate her knowledge. She is very professional and caring. Thank you!!!

2/29/2016 Nathalie N. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA
I suffered from chronic back pain from an abundance of stress, cupping therapy relieves me of the overwhelming pain. The needles are also good for stress. I started bringing my mother here for diabetic neuropathy pain. Dr. Yael knows what she is doing, and teaches us something with every visit. Thank you for existing, Yael!

2/26/2016 Eddy N. Los Angeles, CA
I've been coming to Dr Merav for over 10 years!!! She is the best acupuncturist in town and all over!! She's helped me immensely with my immune system, migraines, aches and pain! She's very caring, understanding and knowledgeable about your body and eastern medicine! Highly recommend her!!

2/23/2016 Lauri W. Santa Monica, CA
I am seeing Dr. Merav for allergies, indigestion and chronic sinusitis.  She is using an acupuncture technique called NAET and I am seeing relief of symptoms I have been fighting for years with prescriptions and OTC meds.  I am not taking any medication now and I am feeling so much better!  Also, unsolicited, my hairdresser told me today that I have new hair growth - I think my body is starting to absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs because I am not sensitive to foods like I was before the treatment.  Dr. Merav is kind with a healing energy.  She listens.  I am encouraged about my health for the first time in years.  I highly recommend Dr. Merav.

2/14/16 D C. Woodland Hills, CA
The best acupuncture in town for humans and dogs! Dr. Merav, is the best of the best! When I had shingles she gave me a treatment and the pain instantly went away! Most def recommend!

1/5/2016  Arlene P.  Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Merav is cheerful, knowledgeable, and very helpful.  As a senior, we have discovered progress is slow and steady.  I will keep going until I am pain free.

12/24/2015  Ken M.  Lake Balboa, Los Angeles, CA
I am new to acupuncture and can easily recommend Dr. Merav. I have severe sciatica and have been consulting surgeons and one recommended I also explore acupuncture.  It is beginning to make a difference. Dr Merav is very professional and caring and knowledgeable.

12/5/2015  Cathy S.  West Hills, CA
Recently my daughter has started acupuncture treatment  for clearing her skin and she loves it. We will continue on this path with Dr Merav. She put her on the vitamins and spoke with her about diet and treatments. Look forward to the future and seeing what great results are ahead.

10/29/2015  Shyla G.  Los Angeles, CA
I  recently went to see Dr. Merav for an acute onset of severe, upper back pain.  I was willing to try anything as the pain was unbearable.  I have never really believed in acupuncture but after just one treatment the pain was already 50% improved.  I am now a forever client.  Not only is my back pain completely gone but now we are working on more chronic areas. She is so gentle, personable and just a great doctor!!! Thank you Dr. Merav!!!

12/2/2015  Julie W.  Glendale, CA
I can highly recommend Dr. Merav.  Over 8 months ago we began acupuncture treatments for my 14-yr-old collie mix for bladder incontinence problems.  I was immediately impressed by her gentle, calm and caring nature. We saw significant improvement with the first treatment and further improvement with subsequent treatments and the addition of carefully chosen herbal remedies. Dr. Merav is a true healer, an excellent listener and she explains very well.  She has greatly improved the quality of life we are enjoying with our older dog. I am truly appreciative of her skills and thankful to have found her.

6/9/2015  Ronit L.  Los Angeles, CA
I have seen Yael Merav 4 times for treating luck of energy,  stress, neck and shoulder pain and depression. from the first visit I could tell that she is very professional, she knows and explains what she is doing and I took her advice to get a thorough blood check up which showed few problems that need to be addressed. I will continue to see dr. Merav and get the treatment that I need also because I know that conventional medicine did not addressed my problems for many years , but dr. Merav already put me on the right track for recovery. also I ran into her clients who are very happy with her as I am. she truly cares for her patients and apply to their needs right away. she listen very carefully to what I say and find the way to help me. that alone is very comforting, taking in a consideration that health insurances cut back with time and care which has a toll on the patients. regular doctors don't have time to listen to you any more. dr Merav is wonderful in all ways!
Ronit Lidor

5/27/2015  Eddy N.  Los Angeles, CA
I have been coming to see Dr Marev since 2005 and since the first time, I immediately noticed the difference. I have seen Dr Marev for many reasons, migraine, immune system, back pain, menstrual problems, and many more. Not only is she so detailed in explaining the issues she feels and sees but so accommodating to assure your visit is the best.  She is always available, and when busy will call you back! Dr Marev goes into details and explains the why, who and what of your symptoms.  When all fails, I find myself right back in her table, and it's the only thing that has made me feel better!! 

Dr. Marev one hour session is marvelous, soothing, healing and therapeutic.  Immediately you will notice the difference, which continues to only feel and get better through out the day. I lover her dedication, kindness and love for what she does! Highly recommended! A true gem in the heart of Encino!

1/11/2015  Liv M. Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Merav is a miracle worker. Forget western medicine.... honestly... she's made me a true believer in acupuncture and chinese herbs. 

I saw her in Oct. 2014 after dealing with a mysterious allergic reaction all over my body. this included severe hives to no end, dry skin, and very fatigued. It got to the point where I couldn't work, I couldn't go out, all I wanted to do was sleep and not move because I was in constant pain and completely itchy all over my body all the time. 

This went on for about a month before I first saw Merav.. ( mind you this was after seeing almost a dozen western doctors, and 10 blood tests ) Nobody had any answers for me.. All they knew was that I had terrible allergies to almost everything and  the only solution they had was going back on a very severe steroid called "Prednisone" ... which I was already on for a year prior. 

Of course steroids are a short term miracle drug, but being on them for any length of time weakens your immune system and can make problems worse in the long run. This is exactly what happened to me. Once I weened off the steroid, my skin and body was in a way worse state then it ever had been before.. and they wanted to put me back on it!!

Merav started treating me, and within the first month I saw a vast improvement. This included acupuncture twice a week and specific herbs that she continued to change and shift according to how I was doing. She approached the situation in a way that no other doctor had before. 

Three months later and I'm 80% better... and getting better every day. She even had me get blood work about a week ago to compare to the blood work I had before seeing her. The results are shocking. I'm far healthier than I've ever been in my life. She's helped me with diet, lifestyle changes, and detoxing the steroid medicine I was on for so long. 

I'm proud to say I haven't taken ANY western medicine since seeing her. I never had acupuncture before she treated me.. but it was my last resort, and I'm so thankful to have found her. She truly cares about her patients and invests so much  time in creating the right program specifically for each client. She even cured me of a bladder infection in the middle of it all !!!

1/14/2015  Joan J. San Carlos, CA
Yael Merav is an outstanding acupuncturist.  I have seen her a number of times over the past few years, always with excellent results.  Just recently, I tripped on a stair and fell flat on my knees and wrists.  I was extremely worried because I had recently seen an orthopedic surgeon who had told me I would probably need a knee replacement in the near future and I have also suffered from torn tendons in both my ankles over the last five years.  She worked on my three times during the past three days, and I was able to walk at a normal pace and climb stairs today.  I call her a miracle worker.

1/19/2014  Laura M.  Santa Monica, CA
2-1/2 years ago, my mother had hospital-acquired septicemia and nearly died.  After two months in the hospital, she had full-body muscle atrophy, unable to walk, talk, dress herself, feed herself or go to the bathroom.  The skilled nursing facility she was sent to had no interest in getting her well, I had to fight to get her the few weeks of physical therapy they dained to give her.  I realized the only way I was going to get my mother well was to find her alternative therapy.

Medicare regulations allowed me to take my mother out for no more than three hours at a time, so I looked for someone near the nursing facility.  I chose Dr. Merav because of her proximity and her weekend hours.  

When Dr. Merav first started treating my mother, it was a struggle just to get my mother in and out of my car, and she took her treatments in the wheelchair.  Within two months, my mother was strong enough for me to take her home.

It was a long, slow recovery, but my mother now only uses the wheelchair for stamina (for instance, going to a museum).  The rest of the time, she uses a walker when we go out, and a cane at home.

Dr. Merav has been a godsend.  She's warm, caring, attentive, not to mention an expert at what she does.  She gave my mother back to me, and I will always be grateful.

11/8/2013  Kenneth L.  Pasadena, Los Angeles, 
In the medical field there are may good, if not great practitioners. If a person is lucky or in sync with the universe you have the blessing of meeting a true healer. Dr. Merav is one of these very special medical practitioners, a true healer. 
I have worked with many in the medical field in many specialties and have been very impressed, and disappointed, on several occasions. But with Dr. Merav I have been in awe of what she has accomplished. 

She is always very clear and concise about what she can and cannot do for you. A great job of managing your expectation and results. I have gone to cardiologists and internist to manage my high cholesterol with no success of following their diets and taking their medications. Most of the medications I had a very negative reaction. 

After my last visit to my cardiologist he wanted to increase my medication. I went to Dr. Merav who studied my blood work for weeks before prescribing me a program designed to detoxify my liver and reduce inflammation in my body. Remarkably, I am no longer taking any prescribed medications from my cardiologist and my cholesterol is within normal ranges. She has also managed to reduce the inflammation in my body to where I no longer have aches and pains as before. In addition, my energy has increased and I seem to think clearer. 

Her integrity is second t none. I went to her once for leg pain and asked for acupuncture treatment for it. She examined me and said that I did not need such a treatment because I had a great deal of tension in my lower back that was causing the pain. She referred me to a massage therapist and after one session the pain was gone. 

Dr. Merav's healing powers is not limited to people. I had a cat who fell and damaged hi spine. The cat could not move his legs and from his shoulders down he was a limp noodle. no movement at all.  I rushed him to an emergency Vet who did an MRI on him and said there was leakage in the spinal canal and that he needed emergency surgery. I call my personal Vet who is also an acupuncturist and asked what is the efficacy of back surgery versus acupuncture. She said the results were 50/50. The Vet who did the MRI  told me that if I did not opt for immediate surgery the cat would never walk again. I chose the acupuncture route.

When I arrived at my personal Vet's office she was busy and Dr. Merav was there volunteering her time. Dr. Merav examined my cat and said, " Oh, we should be able to have him up and around in a couple weeks. From your lips to God's ears I thought.. Seven days, ten days over the course of treatment  this cat's condition did not change at all. Still the same helpless animal with no movement in his limp body from the shoulders down. Dr. Merav kept telling me that it takes time to get the energy flowing again. 

Then on Day thirteen my cat attempted to stand and walk. In two steps he fell down. On subsequent days he kept trying and would walk a little further. Short story is this. From three weeks of the day he fell and became paralyzed he was walking and jumping upon the sofa. I am happy to show the video of his progress to anyone that wants to see it. 

One person told me that acupuncture was just a placebo. Then I told the person about my cat and showed the video. I finished with, " I am certain that my cat did not know what was going on with Dr. Merav's acupuncture. So I feel comfortable in saying that it was more than a placebo", 

Dr. Merav is a blessing that has come into my life. She has changed it for the better and I am eternally grateful that our paths have crossed. I am certain that all who know her feel exactly the same as I do.

10/25/2013  Sarah S.  NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA
I am a nursing student, and I have to do an assignment which I have to learn about traditional Chinese practices (acupuncture, acupressure, or herbs). I am currently taking an ob class, so the learning must be about how the traditional Chinese practices can help pregnant women like their back pain, edema, and etc. 

I thought I would easily find an herbalist or an acupuncturist, who could help me, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it was. I went to an herb clinic that was close to my house, but I was rejected by the herbalist because he told me that he was busy. I was really sad and stressed out. I searched for another clinic that was in Chinatown. I saw that this clinic had good reviews on yelp, but when I called them, they also rejected me. All they said was just go to an acupuncture school. This was my second rejection. I was really unhappy. I thought the reason these people rejected me maybe because I was not their customer and they might think that they would not get anything in return if they help me. I hate getting rejected.  

Then I decided to find an acupuncturist on Google. I decided to choose Acupuncture Health Solutions because on the website I saw that Dr. Merav does acupuncture on animals ( I am an animal lover), and when I saw Dr. Merav's picture, I thought she looked nice. I was very nervous to call Dr. Merav because I was scared that I was going to get rejected. When I finally called her, she said "Sure, I'll help you." I was soooooo happy. 

She scheduled an appointment with me. She told me to come to her clinic on Oct. 24th at 5pm. Her clinic was very easy to find and there was free parking. When I went to her clinic, she kindly greeted me, and she taught me about the Chinese practices. She gave me a lot of brochures about Chinese acupuncture. I thought she was going to teach me for about fifteen minutes, but she taught me for an hour and a half. 

I was very happy that Dr. Merav spends the time to teach me. She liked to ask me do you have any questions, and what else do you want to know. I know that she was busy and tired, but I really (really) appreciate her for teaching me; she took the time to educate me about the traditional Chinese practices. She is truly a kind person.

Even though I am nursing student, Dr. Merav helped me a lot, and she treated me like I was her customer. I did not pay her anything, and I could not believe that she was willing to teach me for an hour and a half (without getting anything in return). She was truly an amazing and compassionate person. She also agreed to teach my friends, which they were also nursing students and had the same assignments as me. 

To whoever is reading this comment, Dr. Merav gives free consultation. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, just call or e-mail her. She is a very good person and a very educated acupuncturist. I think good people should be supported. Talk to her, and you'll see that I am telling the truth.

10/20/2013  Maggie R.  Encino, Los Angeles, CA
Very informative! And helpful, doing acupuncture for fertility and she really seems to know her stuff.

9/24/2013  Marlene P.  VALLEY VILLAGE, CA
Dr. Merav is a wonderful acupuncturist and healer. I've been going to her (as needed) for about nine years! She has helped me with arthritis--I was able to get off Celebrex--because of Dr. Merav's help. She helps with stress problems, addiction problems, headaches, and all sorts of aches and pains! 
She has a marvelous sense of delving into the problem and finding a solution. I appreciate her sincerity and honesty.
She is also an animal lover, like myself, and practices acupuncture for animals too.In fact, I first met Dr. Merav when I was having acupuncture on my arthritic dog who was better after each treatment! When I saw such marked improvement in my dog, I decided to try treatments for my back! That's when I started going to her, and from then on, I have been convinced that Dr. Merav is fantastic!

8/16/2013  Susan A.  Los Angeles, CA
I have been going to Dr. Yael Merav for the eight years. l loved the care and treatment l received here!!! The doctor take their time and explain what you need, why you need it and how it will help you, And Dr. Merav she has helped me a lot with my back pain. She is simply the best!!!

4/23/2013  Glenn C.  Winnetka, CA
I was skeptical if acupuncture would help to relieve a pinched nerve in my neck. I had been dealing with an injury for over 3 months with no relief. Through the course of the treatments with Dr. Merav I have had complete relief from the impingement. I am a believer. I highly recommend Dr. Merav

3/22/2013  Bruce W.  Woodland Hills, CA
I have referred many of my patients for many conditions including arthritis, allergies, digestion problems, and headaches for years to Dr. Merav. I have also been a patient of hers myself for psoriasis and gout. We all love her, her personality, her caring, and her competence. She is a fabulous healer. 
Dr. BW

3/19/2011  Susanne S.  Los Angeles, CA
Amazing success
I have been treated by Dr. Merav for the past six years and have found that in each case there was an amazing improvement, usually after several treatments. I used to catch three or four colds each year but have found that after acupuncture treatment and her magical herbs, I have never felt better in years. Now at age 85, my mobility is as good as ever, thanks to Dr. Merav. Susi

2leelee0  2/21/2010
My dog's favorite doctor!
I have two precious small dogs ages 12 and 5 and this year I must give credit to their outstanding health to Dr. Merav of Acupuncture Health Solutions. They love that Dr. Merav makes house calls and they do not have to be afraid of the dreaded car ride. They are so happy when she arrives because she brings delicious treats and treats them like visiting an old best friend.

healthy50   2/21/2010
My Five Star Wellness doctor
I was referred to Dr. Yael Merav five years ago by another patient for allergy and cold symptoms. I watched my 70 year old mother recover from a stroke within one year as a result of acupuncture treatments so I expect miracles. My expectations were exceeded in the past five years because Dr. Merav's gentle techniques got the results I needed to eliminate my initial symptoms and best of all with regular care and treatment have kept me healthy and energetic at 64 years old. I am writing to highly recommend Dr. Merav for anyone wanting a preventative approach to health even if it begins with an allergy, flu or cold.

lovespronghorn1  09/17/2008
She treats people and animals!
I would highly recommend Dr. Yael Merav for acupuncture treatment! She is a very caring, knowledgeable, fastidious, gentle practitioner. I was her first patient when she graduated from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine and have used her services many times over the past 10+ years. She uses traditional Chinese herbs as an adjunct to acupuncture with great success. I have also referred a number of people to Dr. Merav and they, too, have been extremely pleased with her treatments. Dr. Merav works alongside a holistic veterinarian 2 days a week as well as maintaining her own practice, and has seen excellent results with her acupuncture on animals as well as people.